USA Today

"the roast pork, seasoned with a coffee rub and cayenne. The smell and the slight bitterness of the coffee goes with the saltiness of the pork. It's remarkably delicious."

Sunset Magazine

"The Bluffernutter... And it's damn good."

Seattle Met 2012

"breakfasts, sandwiches, and salads made from real food for vivid flavor. Big love to the pork sandwich with apple butter and sage aioli, housemade breads, and genuinely inventive seasonal sandwiches"

Seattle Weekly

"The Fremont counter knows exactly what you want, and they're going to give it to you as sustainably as you can handle."

Upscale Downmarket

"Thrilling sandwiches on sustainable delectables like Beecher's cheese"


"Googlers line up for... “sustainable” sandwiches at Homegrown"

Seattle's 48 Best Sandwiches: Only In Seattle

"Crab Cake, Bacon and Avocado... Only In Seattle"

Huffington Post

"for me the visit for The Family Dinner book tour was memorable for another reason...the best sandwich I have ever eaten!!!" - Laurie David

Best of 2009 SW

BEST ECO-FRIENDLY LUNCH 2009. "If you're looking for a green lunch - the eco kind of green, that is - Homegrown should top your list. "

The Seattle Times

"You don't have to sacrifice culinary bliss to eat with a conscience."

Daily Candy 2009

"Homegrown in Fremont is the best thing to happen to your relationship since sliced bread."

Seattle Magazine

"Homegrown's sustainable sandwiches and airy decor are as Fremont as you can get without changing your surname to Lenin."

100 Reasons To Love Seattle

"The turkey-bacon-avocado sandwich has a cult following among those who like their lunch with a side of sustain- ability."

Urban Safari

"serving favorites like its awesome Crab Cake, Bacon + Avocado."

SW Voracious

"The fried egg, bacon, and cheese... should be a hangover requirement." - Maggie Savarino, Seattle Weekly

Earth Day Everyday

"A Seattle sandwich shop seems to be celebrating Earth Day every day. "