We believe that our care for where our food comes from and how people, animals and the land are treated along the way has a positive impact on our communities and the environment. That's why we started our own farm.

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Homegrown Sprouting Farms

In an effort to better connect to our food and the earth we started Homegrown Sprouting Farms, our very own certified organic farms with outposts in Woodinville, WA & Discovery Bay, CA. The farms support our stores with local, hyper-seasonal, organic produce. We also use the farms as a vehicle to educate our teams and communities about sustainable agriculture. While they are a small part of our growing business they are a big part of our commitment to keeping it local.

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Sandwich Environmentalism

We’re so often asked “what’s a sustainable sandwich?” And we get it, on the surface, it’s just a sandwich! But we believe that something as simple as a sandwich can do big things in the world. 

Our idea is that if we thoughtfully curate every little thing about the sandwich - where the grains for the bread come from, how the animals behind our meats and cheeses are raised, what chemicals we’re keeping off our fruits and vegetables - each sandwich will be a little bit healthier for the planet and for the people who enjoy eating them. And when you multiply that effect by all the sustainable sandwiches we sell every day, you can really start to envision the positive change we can have on the food system, even by rallying behind something as simple as a sandwich. 

We know it sounds silly, but we call this idea Sandwich Environmentalism and it’s delicious! 

Sourcing Guidelines

Food is the liaison between our earth and our community. Understanding the relationships that link the planet to the product is an important part of our recognition that in addition to our economic impact, we are responsible for our social and environmental impact as well.

Our Stores

Our stores are designed to be as low-impact as possible. We use reclaimed, recycled and FSC certified building materials and low-VOC paints in our furniture and wall coverings. We use hyper-efficient LED and CFL lighting. Additionally, there are no trash cans: we only use nearly 100% compostable + recyclable products.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Low VOC Paint
  • Reclaimed & Recycled Materials
  • FSC Certified Materials
  • 100% Compostable & Reusable Materials

2016 Impact Report

Food Sourcing

511 lbs

Total pounds of pesticides saved by sourcing 100% organic produce

255 lbs 

Total pounds of antibiotics saved by sourcing 100% antibiotic-free meats & dairy

118,235 lbs 

Total pounds of dairy products sourced without artificial hormones

Our Stores

904,944 kWh

Total kilowatt (kWh) saved by offsetting 100% of our stores’ electric power usage with clean wind energy


Gallon per minute (gpm) water flow rate reduction by switching to high-efficiency, low-flow fixtures

157,950 w

Total watts (w) of electrical output saved through high-efficiency bulbs

Waste Cycle

250,800 lbs

Total pounds of recycled products saved from landfills

1,051,537 lbs

Total pounds of compostable organic waste saved from landfills

1,302,337 lbs

Total pounds of waste saved from landfills